Monday, September 17, 2007


“O M Y G O D !”
Kodavanti Subrahmanyam

Who are You, how are You and how old are You?
Where are You and what is Your date of birth?
What is your Mother tongue and who are your parents?
Do you have fluency of languages of the world?
What is your religion? Tell me, if You do not mind.

Are You a Graduate, Professor, Engineer or Philosopher?
Where is Your School? Is it on Earth or in Heaven?
Name the School and University; Teacher and professor
Do You have licence to drive on land, sea and air,
At least have learner licence? Tell me, if You do not mind.

Are You a vegetarian, non-vegetarian or non-eating saint?
Do You like sweet, hot, cool drink, hot drink or cocktail?
Are You free from all diseases or in need of medical advice?
Did You visit any hospital for heart and pulse check-up?
Health is wealth, a fact. Tell me, if You do not mind.

How much do You earn; how do You do, earning?
Daily, monthly, yearly or earning while learning?
Dollars, Dinars, Euros, Yens, Rupees, Riyals or what?
Your wage, currency and purchasing power, tell me
Are You a spend thrift? Tell me, if you do not mind.

Are You married, having children and grand children?
Are You having problems like your children and my children?
Are You living in a rented house, own a flat or Bungalow?
Is Your dwelling place fully furnished or un-furnished?
Having place to park? Tell me, if You do not mind.

Who are Your Bankers and what is Your account?
Do You have Credit Cards, Master and Visa cards?
Can You provide a Short Term Loan to any person?
Worry not, repayment, may be, in easy instalments,
I do not want that loan. Tell me, if you do not mind.

Do You have any thing, which untouched with money?
Give me that, purchase of which without money
This aspect of money is not coming to the minds of many
Kindly guide me; you have extraordinary, if any
In what way I can impress You. Tell me, if you do not mind!

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