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Monday, September 17, 2007


                   E Y E OF H U R R I C A N E

E Y E  OF  H U R R I C A N E

Hurricane’s horror spread miles and miles
Hurry the people to move miles and miles
Worry the people no matter rich and poor
Bury’ hard-earned assets make them roar.

Hurricane’s mind always works on destruction
People’s mind is always works on construction
Hurricane shows no mercy of any religion
People always embrace of their own religion.

Surrounded by destruction, the eye is calm
Even spread over miles Cyclone’s eye is calm
Shy not to say human is also having such eye
Visible only to the enlightened, the Third Eye.

Third Eye is quiet and calm, no disturbance at all
Round around surrounded worries, care not at all
Greed, games of politics, desires do not care at all
Aground the mind to focus one or no thought at all.

Third eye is full of mercy lull the body with mercy
Skill is at will to kill the mind, view the full mercy
Vanish religious mind, banish thought force thee
View the THIRD EYE born like RISING SUN in thee.

Third Eye is the God, the spirit all in one
The happiness, enjoyment also all in one
The Bliss Eternal, turning point all in one
The Truth, the Sweet Fruit of life all in one.

Attitude changed, Ideas changed really a wonder
Work is changed, Worship is changed, a wonder
Look is changed, Luck is changed, what a wonder
Changed personality, is really a great wonder!

Author: Kodavanti Subrahmanyam

Sunday, January 10, 2010


                                 Subrahmanyam Kodavanti

O my dear wind where are you and how old are you?
               Are you visible to the human eye or not at all?
               Leaves hang trembling the wind is passing through.
               Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I.

         2.   The age of wind, times immemorial, known to none
               Trees bow down their heads the wind is passing by
               Most beautiful things in the world can’t be seen,
               Felt with the experience, whole-heartedly
               Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I.

         3.   Doubt not the existence of God; Very good
               Turn the face to the wind, good luck
               For though the wind is invisible to the naked eye,
               It can be felt and heard, and all means,
               By looking at its effect on all the earth.
               Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I.

         4.   Observe inhalation, exhalation and stop breathing
               Gradually the policy and personality changed, ah
               Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I.

          5.   See the corpse, no movement and no breath
                Fell with out any consciousness all means
                Learn and experience of consciousness
                In due course, the Super-consciousness also
               Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I.

         6.    Sit like a statue, Develop single thought
                Fore head is full of Third Eye, don’t miss
                Gradual development of no thought at all
                Filled with Bliss Eternal, the goal of life
                No religion, no status, no favour, no enemy
                Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I.
       Author: Kodavanti subrhamanyam

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dharana the Divine Awakening

DHARANA the Divine Awakening

We should never allow ourselves to be so caught up in the day to day existence that we forgot the purpose of our life. A passionate life of material progress, no matter how successfully executed, will ultimately prove to be a source of frustration because everything material that we have accumulated will eventually take away. We cannot keep anything. So why should we work so hard for something that we cannot keep? It does not make sense. We should instead focus our energies on attaining that which lies far, far beyond this temporary material existence, on awakening our original eternal divine consciousness.

DHARANA.THE BEST FROM OUR SCRIPTURES:-Dharana is holding the divine spirit in consciousness during concentration. (Amritanadopanishad 15)The withdrawal of consciousness from perceptive field and holding it in the super-conscious field is Dharana (Mandalabrahmanopanishad 1.1.8)A practitioner of yoga after practicing yama, niyama, asana, and pranayama should hold his mind on the five forms of elements in their respective centers within the body. This is called Dharana. (Trishikhi Brahmanopanishad, mantra section 133-134)

Dharana is: -
1. Holding concentration of the divine aspect of the self
2. Holding concentration on akasha (void) in the hrit center (the spiritual heart inside the Anahata Chakra.)
3. Holding concentration on the five divine forms Brahma, Vishnu, (Bridhrudra), Ishan Siva and Panchavaktra (Shandilyopanishad 1.9.1)
4. Whatever is seen with the eyes, heard with ears, smelled with the nose, tasted with tongue, and touched by the skin should be regarded as divine being. In this manner the object of the senses should be transformed into divine being and held in consciousness. (Yogatattvopanishad 69-72)
5. Concentration on big toe, ankle, knee scrotum, genitals, navel, heart, neck, throat, uvula, and nose, space between the eyebrows, breast, and head in kumbhaka (breath suspension) is called Dharana. (Gandharva Tantra, chapter 5, p.25)
6. The holding in consciousness of certain vital points while holding the breath is called Dharana (Prapanchasara Tantra 19, 21-22)
7. Concentration on six subtle centers of Kundalini (the coiled power) is termed as Dharana ((Rudrayamala Tantra Part 2, 27, 34-33)
8. Concentrating on the universal form of God, realized by concentration on mantra and then concentration on God without form is dhyana. (Dharshanopanishad 9.1.-2-3-5)
9. Concentration on the whole divine form is dhyana (meditation) while concentration only on one point at a time is Dharana (Bhutashuddi Tantra, Chapter 9, p.8)

Upanishads & Veena

1. "DARSANOPANISHAD""PRUSHTA MADHYASTHITA NADI VEENADANDENA SUVRATI SAHAMASTAKA PARYANTHAM SUSHUMNA SAMPRATHISHTITHA" "0, man of learning, the chord that rises from between the posteriors even like unto the trunk of veena, goes up to the very brain. Inside this chord you find firmly established the Sushumna nerve".

2. "SANDILYOPANISHAD" "GUDASYA PRUSHTHABHAAGESMIN VEENA DANDA SADEHABHRUTH MOORDHASTHA DEHAP ARY ANTHAM BRAHMANAADEETHI KATHYATHE / UCHCHAARAYETHPARAM SHAKTHIM BRAHMA-RANDHRA NIVASINEEM". "At the rear of the posteriors there rises a straight nervine cord even as the trunk of the veena which reaches up to the head. Inside this nervine cord, one must locate the Sushumna nadi, one must meditate upon the infinite power infusing this nadi, in other words, on the omkara which is the mysterious primeral sound.

3. "DHYANABINDOPANISHAD" "MOOLADHARAA THSUSHUMNAACH PADMATHATHU NIBASHUBHA AMOORTHOVARTHATHE NAADO VEENADANDA SAMUTHTHI TAHA" "The nervous tendril that upraises from the Muladhara as Sushumna nadi is as fine as a lotus filament and full of bliss giving potency. There vibrates in this mysterious cord the indefinite primeral sonant even as grass sounds issue from the sound of the Veena".

One World one Religion

One World One Religion

There is no reason for humanity to be divided into different religions that are constantly fighting with one another, because religion is one, to become a lover of God. There is one Supreme Being of whom we are all a part. It does not matter if we are designated as Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, or atheist. We are all still coming from the same place, the Supreme Being. Human life is meant for getting to know that Supreme Being intimately well and thus naturally developing more and more love for Him. One should adopt whatever means is most practical and effective for becoming fully absorbed in loving service to that Being. That state of full absorption in THAT service is known as Samadhi or Super Consciousness. Throughout the world everyone should be encouraged and trained how to become fully absorbed in the Super consciousness.

Global Awakening


Our purpose is to help everyone awaken their original spiritual identity, which is eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. Such a global awakening will, in one stroke, solve all the problems of the world society bringing in a new era of unprecedented peace and prosperity for all.

Why rot in this material existence when you can live in transcendental existence at every minute? In transcendental existence all material miseries are conspicuous by their absence. In other words, there is no birth, no death, no old age, and no disease. There is simply an eternal existence full of knowledge and full of bliss in the association of the Supreme Lord.

Some people such as atheists and skeptics object to the idea of transcendental existence. They say that it is not possible to experience bliss unless you also experience misery. But they are thinking in a very limited way in terms of relative happiness. They do not understand what transcendental happiness is. In this regard they are like the fox who after repeatedly and unsuccessfully trying to jump high enough to taste the grapes concluded that they must be sour.

There is no need for sour grapes philosophy. The bona fide spiritual master teaches his disciples how to taste the sweet nectar of transcendental existence at every minute. One simply has to attentively hear and submissively follow the instructions of the spiritual master. By doing so one becomes gradually solidly situated in transcendental existence and remains there forever.

A Donky in the well



One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn't worth it to retrieve the donkey. He invited all his neighbors to come over and help him. They each grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well.At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly. Then, to everyone's amazement, he quieted down. A few shovel loads later, the farmer looked down the well, and was astonished at what he saw.As every shovel of dirt hit his back, the donkey did something amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up. As the farmer's neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up.Pretty soon, everyone was amazed, as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and trotted off.
The Moral: Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of dirt. The trick to getting out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up. Each of our troubles is a stepping stone. We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never giving up! Shake it off and take a step up!

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Conscious of Inner Vision-1 Kodavanti Subrahmanyam

Conscious of Inner Vision, reveals the spiritual realities and depths of SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS. It is possible to achieve and experience THE INNER VISION by a specified single thought process (practice), gradually activating and experiencing thoughtless process and subsequent spiritual experiences. All the lectures even by the experienced Gurus/Masters, and reading the books create some confidence building measures only. The particular practice is required for perfection. The guidance for the practice is offered purely on one hundred percent service oriented basis and never allows and accepts commercialization at any level. The first spiritual experience is the one never experienced by the practitioner (sadhaka) during his life time and by this experience his character patterns will be changed and purified. This process is based on secular principles and does not indulge in any religious propaganda as the Masters of this school of thought believe that God knows no religion. We have no answers for the questions like what is the religion, caste, creed of God; Is God a male or female; Whether God is a Vegetarian or non-vegetarian; Is God living in USA, Canada, India, China etc., or not at all on this earth; What are the costumes the God is wearing; What powers God is having; whether God is in existence or not etc., except one has to come to certain conclusions basing on his/her own beliefs and customs for which he/she has accustomed or believed to be accepted. Even though the concept is beyond religion, one need not come out of the religion and can happily practice this process while respecting the individual religious feelings and sentiments. Now let us elaborate certain realities to enlighten, so that an average prudent person can understand this aspect in an easy manner: (I) In India there lived an ancient enlightened personality by name Patanjali, who incorporated eight prominent steps to reach the saturation point of inner vision.They are called Astanga Sutras (eight steps). They are (1) YAMA: One should not do or involve in the activities like cheating, theft, crimes etc., (2) NIYAMA: One has to do the positives like doing good deeds which an ordinary prudent person feels not to have any negative aspects in the society he is living (accepting positive rules and regulations) and leading a simple life. (3) ASANAS: Performing certain postures for the physical fitness of a person suitable to practice to fulfill and experience the inner vision. (4) PRANAYAMA: Practicing certain types of breathing exercises for the removal of all disturbances and uneasiness in the body so as to prepare a person fit to receive the enlightened INNER VISION. (5) PRATYAHARA: Preparation to receive the Inner Vision by practicing SINGLE THOUGHT PROCESS. (6) DHARANA: Dharana means wearing. Wearing of What? This is the first experience of a person belonging to any religion or sect. The experience is the same to each and every individual. It is a RAY of the Enlightened Inner Vision. (7) DHYANA: Expansion of that RAY by concentration. Without Dharana the practice of Meditation is impossible. (8) SAMADHI: This is the Enlightened state, a thoughtless state, when a person will be able to receive the Inner Vision to a saturation point according to the individual abilities. This is the Happiest state, the happiness one cannot purchase with any amount, a peaceful and blissful state, each and every individual deserve to enjoy this happiness, the ultimate purpose of the human to experience this INNER VISION merged with the SUPER VISION or Super Consciousness, where the human will be relieved from the body consciousness and merged with the Super vision i.e., the inner vision will be merged with the Super vision. It is a realization that one who is practicing the process able to experience the reality that he is not the body and is part and parcel of the all pervading Super vision and there is no death to the Super vision (II) There lived a great sage in South India by name RAMANA MAHARSHI, who incorporated by his experience the "WHO AM I" theory. Ramana Maharshi is a Spiritual personality. He is a born Saint. According to his theory one has to analyze: this is my hand but I am not the hand, this is my leg but I am not the leg, this is my shirt but I am not the shirt, these are my eyes, my head, my teeth, my ears etc. etc., but I am different from that and so then Who am I? By this analyzation an ordinary prudent person can transform himself and will be able to realize the truth by his practice inward and ultimate reality is experiencing the Inner Vision. Its expansion is enjoying the unlimited happiness. Even though the experience of this Inner Vision is the same in each and every individual, the time frame varies from person to person depending on his/her thought force, interest, capacity etc. The test is only the experience. "When the pupil is ready the Master appears". Scoring good marks and standing in first rank is the success of a student but not how much time he has spent for studies. Likewise when the practitioner is ready in all respects, automatically it is sure to experience the blissful state of Inner Vision or Super Consciousness.
We are seeing, conflicts and bloodshed for the sake of religion, everywhere. But the orators of the religion for example Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Jorastar etc., may not conflict with each other even if they were to live in the same contemporary period, since their experiences are the same as the God is one. They are the God heads and transformed in to the one and the only God. They are the Heads of Spiritual Reality, one God in different forms, just like ornaments made of Gold.

Subrahmanyam Kodavanti

Hitherto we came to understand certain facts about conscious of inner vision. The spiritual experience of all the human beings irrespective of religion, caste, creed etc., is the same. Buddhism has come in to existence through such Inner Vision, called Enlightenment by Gautama the Buddha.
On May 23, 2005 we have celebrated the 2549th birthday of Gautama Buddha (Buddha Jayanthi). He lived for 81 years. Buddhism originates in the teachings of Siddhardha Gautama. Around 500 B.C, he was a prince in what is now India. At the age of 29, deeply troubled by the suffering he saw around him, he renounced his privileged life to seek understanding. After 6 years of struggling as an ascetic, he seated himself under a pipal tree at Bodh Gaya and swore not to stir until he had attained the Supreme Enlightenment (Super consciousness or receiving Cosmic Energy at the higher levels). On the night of the full moon, he finally achieved ENLIGHTENMENT at age 35. He assumed the title Lord Buddha (one who has awakened; the one who has attained Enlightenment by himself). For seven days, he puzzled over his future: whether to withdraw from the world and live a life of seclusion, or whether to reenter the world and teach his Middle Way. He decided on the latter course: to proclaim his Dharma (teachings) to other humans so that they could also attain Enlightenment.
A Buddha is a person who has developed all positive qualities and eliminated all negative qualities. A Buddha was an "ordinary" human like you and me before he/she became enlightened. Enlightenment is compared to awakening, as a person experiences a complete transformation of body and mind from sleeping to waking up. One could say that a Buddha represents the very peak of evolution, as he/she is omniscient or all-knowing. A Buddha is different from "God" in the Christian-Judeo-Islamic sense in that he/she is not the creator of the universe, is not omnipotent (all-powerful), and the state of Buddhahood can be reached by every living being. However, a Buddha is omniscient (knows everything) and can in that way be of tremendous help to other living beings. In a nutshell, he realized that everything is subject to change and that suffering and discontentment are the result of attachment to circumstances and things which, by their nature, are impermanent. By ridding oneself of these attachments, including attachment to the false notion of self or "I", one can be free of suffering. He attained Maha Nirvana (Super consciousness) through his vigorous practice of INNER SEARCH. When one ignorant attains realization he is a saint. When a saint begins to understand he is an ignorant. Enlightenment always comes after the road of thinking is blocked. The realization can be achieved by a process of turning consciousness upon itself to develop attentional control of the processes and contents of consciousness, called Super consciousness. Due to ill health one may become unconscious. Unconscious of his body, mind etc., and after a suitable treatment, he comes in to consciousness. But Super Consciousness is a condition characterized by an utter absence of mental events, yet accompanied by a purification of the sense organs. Each of these descriptions of meditation focuses on meditation's role in enabling the meditator to reflect upon his/her perceptual distortions in order to correct them, leading to an experience of reality as it really is. While the overall goal of meditation is acknowledged to be the ultimate state of Nirvana, Enlightenment or Super Consciousness
Among the teachings of the Buddha, the foremost was "Ahimsa" (not causing harm to anyone). Non-violence has to be practiced with purity of mind, tongue, and body. The speech should be sweet, pleasing and wholesome. You must divert your mind (Buddhi) towards Dharma (right conduct). One should strive to see only that which is sacred and pure. What man sees are like seeds sown in the heart. Good scenes evoke good thoughts. When sacred seeds are implanted in the heart there will be no room for bad feelings or thoughts. This was the first lesson Buddha taught. Buddha wandered all over the country in search of spiritual peace and liberation. After many years of enquiry he came to the conclusion that the secret of spiritual wisdom was not to be got from scholars or by study. He realized that spiritual understanding can only come from mastery of the senses. From developing SACRED VISION (INNER VISION/SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS), man should proceed to higher blissful goal of life that is Enlightenment. Buddha declared that only sacred thoughts can lead to sacred speech. The tongue has been given to man to speak the truth, to be sweet to others, to praise the Divine and enjoy the bliss derived from such sacred speech. The foremost teachings of Buddha are Satya and Dharma. These two are the teachings of Vedas. Speak the truth, and practice righteousness.

Subrahmanyam Kodavanti

As has ascertained, there are so many religions world over. The three major religions are Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. In each religion there are different sects and sectarian violence spread all over the world. History has proved that wars broke out between the sects and thousands of people died from both sides. No peace of mind exists among them. Bloodshed spread also in the sect itself. Even today we are witnessing such incidents. Even with in the family between wife and husband, father and son, brother and brother etc, conflicts broke out just for monitory benefits, to fulfill ego, zeal etc.
In Christianity there are so many sects including Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Pentecostal, Anglican, Monophysite, Letter-day Saints, Evangelical, Jehovahs witnesses, Quakers, Nominals etc. In Islam there exists Sunnis, Shiite, Sufis, etc. Hinduism is no exception where there are Vaishnavates, Saivates, etc., and fought wars in between just for the dominance of the particular sect. Just go on elaborating the crimes and conflicts in each and every religion one can create volumes.
Saints and Spiritual Masters, irrespective of religion and sect, only can guide a person to the highest goal of life. They are the enlightened ones and attained the Enlightenment through constant conscious of Inner Vision and receiving abundant Cosmic Energy. An average prudent person can live for a particular life span according to his food habits, mental conditions, health patterns etc. with the energy available at source. By receiving the abundant Cosmic Energy through the specified system of contemplation one can live peacefully with joy and good health beyond expectation.
Science has proved that plenty of Cosmic Energy is in existence. We ourselves can prove the same by observing the Astronomy and Solar System. Even the earth is moving within and orbiting around sun with a vast speed (1860 km per hour) and completing its own orbit during a fixed period of time, we and our surroundings stood as it is. Is it not a miracle? We are not falling or moving a bit when we are upside down due to the spinning of the earth within. Same is the position with each and every moving and immovables on earth. Recently we have witnessed the Tsunami calamity. When the sea is wild enough due to the spin of the earth, there is no existence of life at all. We cannot imagine such havoc. The weight of body varies from planet to planet, even to a thousand fold. (One kilo of weight on one planet turns to be a ton on the other). This is the result of magnetism and force of energy in existence, gravitational pull and the distance of the planet from sun. Receiving such Cosmic Energy up to a saturation point is the Enlightenment or the Super consciousness stage. There is no other way to receive the Energy except through constant conscious of INNER VISION.
Another miracle is rotation of earth with in itself, creating day and night. Otherwise our existence is a question mark. Moon is not having such internal movement. On the full moon day we will be able to see the demon or saint constantly on the moon with out any change.
Science has revealed the existence of very powerful Magnetism or Energy system. Each and every system is being attracted and moved with rapid speed: Our solar system towards Milky Way and both the systems towards Andromeda, which in turn attracted by Hydro centres. The total system is being dragged towards the Grate Attractor. The system is being the continuous process right from the times of the existence. So it is a fact that a powerful magnetic field is totally surrounded. One has to cultivate the mind to receive this special energy by the specific practice (sadhana) from an experienced Master. A lit lamp only can lit a thousand others but an unlit can neither produce light to it self nor to others. Within you there is a spark from the Divine Flame. The impurities are disturbing and obstructing the entrance of the divinity. To receive the divine spark the body and mind should be purified. The Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama are created for such purification and to prepare a person fit to receive the all pervading cosmic energy. YOGA came in to existence to receive the all pervading energy starting from inner search finding the spark of the Divine Flame. That is the turning point in the life of a human and through further contemplation he can become Divine. Asana and Pranayama like external features is not alone yoga. Yoga is Constant Conscious of Inner Vision and the ultimate goal is to attain Samadhi or Maha Nirvana.
The aim of idol worship also is to attain Enlightenment. Since the interests and ambitions are vary from person to person, and worshipping God is important, some have chosen a particular posture as their presiding deity as their God. They used to concentrate on their deity by chanting a mantra to completely contemplate, developing the single thought process and for total conscious of Inner Vision so as to attain the ultimate Super Consciousness or enlightenment. On attaining the highest goal one will be able to know what is divine, reality and God. In course of time and circumstances the idol worship came in to prominence. Praising and chanting their deity is the present day practice and nothing beyond. Temples have come in to existence. Some people even scare to go to temples due the commercialization and unwanted harassment. There are groups quarreling about their presiding deity’s supremacy. In the same religion and sect different versions and understandings developed on the aspect. They could not contemplate properly due to the reason the other deity may get angry if concentration developed on their own worshiping or presiding deity. For this reason the guidance of a MASTER is a must. He only is able to develop confidence in you and keep one fit, by brushing out the hurdles, to receive and experience the INNER VISION.

Subrahmanyam Kodavanti

Even though the creation of the Universe is a big miracle and mystery, the existence of life etc., are the very extraordinary, the human creation itself is a doubtless miracle. The blood and its circulation in the body, functioning of body organs like heart, brain lungs, kidneys etc., the immune system, hormones, the secrets of DNA, the function of medulla oblongata etc., all these are miracles. The birth of a baby is also a miracle. No part of the body, from the smallest cell to a complete body system, works in isolation. All function together, in fine-tuned balance, for the well being of the individual and to maintain life. With certain exceptions the system and functions are the same in every living being.
The respiratory system itself is a big miracle. Without respiration one cannot survive. When breath is stopped it is a death. A death caused to the active body and not the indwelling INNER VISION or SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS. This reality has to be experienced by the practitioner by a specific type of contemplation. All these miracles are well known to the scientists and in general to each and every individual even educated or uneducated to some extent or other. Yet there exists a very miracle and mystery and an extraordinary feature of the PINEAL GLAND. In the physical body the eye views objects upside down. It sends the image of what it observes to the brain which interprets the image and makes it appear right side-up to us. But the human body has another physical eye whose function has long been recognized by humanity. It is called the 'Third Eye' which in reality is the vision of Pineal Gland. The pineal gland is having the ability to transmit LIGHT. Many, particularly the aspirants and those practice meditation consider it the Spiritual Third Eye, our INNER VISION.
The small Pineal Gland is in the center of the brain in a tiny cave behind and above the pituitary gland. It is located directly behind the eyes. It is the Seat of the Soul. This is the area in the middle of the brain is the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds, where the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to humans. To activate the 'third eye' the pineal gland must vibrate, which is achieved through meditation, as a result a magnetic field is created. This is the first spiritual experience of the practitioner or Sadhaka when the INNER VISION starts functioning at the Bhrukuti or the point in the middle of the forehead (between the eye brows), is also known as Ajna Chakra.
The Ajna Chakra is also called Guru Chakra, Nirvana Chakra, and Lalana Chakra etc. Ajna means command. Just by turning round the fore finger at the fore head of the opposite person at a distance of one to two inches for a while a vibration like headache can be created. Then imagine the real power in existence at this holy place and it is true one can identify and experience a continuous Divine Spot, a Spark from the Divine Flame. It is really possible through constant conscious of Single Thought process, with full respect to the individual religious concepts. The practitioners of teen age should make a special note and care to be taken that the pineal gland secretes melatonin, a simple hormone that communicates and vibrates information about lighting to various parts of the body and has the ability and important effects on reproductive function which may also play a role in a person's sexual developments.
There is no use of asking questions whether the speaker or the writer has having the particular experience or not. First of all the aspirant has to start practicing the particular process, as has advised by his Master, and in due course, without any doubt, he will be able to experience the first and astonishing Divine Grace which he or she did not experience hitherto, in the life span.
The third eye is an energy centre, and to focus that energy, one has to concentrate. The more one can concentrate his mind means more inflow of energy. By this immense energy flowing from everywhere in the body, particularly through the spine, going straight to the third eye, one could actually experience the energy flowing in to the center of the third eye. By continuous contemplation the practitioner is able to receive step by step simple, marginal and abundant Cosmic Energy. This is nothing but constant conscious of Inner Vision, a journey within, the visualization of Inner Vision and its expansion is a happy and joyous experience. It is a state of non dual consciousness and a complete Consciousness of Bliss, a golden time in one’s own life. One who is experiencing this joy enjoys the bliss of Divinity.

Subrahmanyam Kodavanti

Hitherto we have come across many aspects about the truth and the real goal of human being. In this chapter I prefer to impress about happiness and the real happiness, without deviating our subject “Conscious of Inner Vision”
Each and every individual is very eager to lead a Happy Life. The first and the foremost tool to keep one happy is the mind. Mind is the true cause for misery or happiness. One has to train and tame the mind to receive happiness. One should practice and cultivate the art of keeping the mind in a happy mood. Since the mind is with in the body the happiness also is within the body. An ordinary prudent person cannot respond and cannot convert a misery in to happiness. He will be in no mood of happiness when a sudden mishap occurs to his nearest or upset when a calamity is at sight. It is possible only to the saintly person who can withstand for any type of hardship by taming his mind to the maximum possible extent. He is the person who is in Constant Conscious of Inner Vision.
To receive the Inner Vision one will have to have a purified mind. It is like a mirror that gives a clear reflection when there is plenty of light around, the mind also should be kept free from impurities like cowardice, vanity, lust, ego, greed etc. When the mind is purified in all respects a magnifying field is formed and a spark of Divine Flame will be flashed and visible at the Divine spot where the mind is viewing with full swing and concentration, just like a magnifying glass at the sun shine creates a splinter of flame on the object. There is a saying that if you can conquer your mind you conquer the entire world. Actually, as mentioned in the earlier pages, you are not your body, you are the pure Consciousness. There is no life more exciting and adventurous than this. The transcendental knowledge developed as a result of the thorough practice of Inner Vision by the Sadhaka, bringing great happiness.
The trend of the present days throughout the world is that many people worship God by going to churches, temples, mosques, and prayer meetings to impress God so that He will fulfill their material desires. Although we may presume that we can easily approach God and get our prayers answered for this thing or that, what is the use in getting these material desires fulfilled? We get a few moments of satisfaction and then we slip back into our miseries. We may satisfy one material desire after another, but still we do not become satisfied because we are not these bodies. Material sense of gratification does not touch the real Super Consciousness situated within the body. When a person is hungry and I feed him by keeping a piece of bread in his shirt pocket, have I fed him? No. I have only given food to his shirt. It is also just like searching outside for a thing lost inside the room because there is full darkness in the room. This is the mistake we make in our present state of conditioned consciousness. We devote all of our energy to satisfy the demands of this body, which is nothing more than a garment being worn by the actual self, the eternal spiritual being. The only thing that will actually keep us in a state of HAPPINESS is to establish our loving relationship with the indwelling Super Consciousness, through constant Conscious of Inner Vision.
One has to think why he has born as human. He is supposed to experience the blissful happiness during his life time. The soul in Sanskrit, in the terms of the Vedanta, is called Atman, which means happiness or bliss itself. There is a Hindu saying that man looks for pleasure and finds pain. Every pleasure seems happiness in outward appearance; it promises happiness, for it is the shadow of happiness, but just as the shadow of a person is not the person though representing his form, so pleasure represents happiness but is not happiness in reality. The man who does not know the secret of happiness often develops ever needy and ever greedy attitude. He wants thousands, and when he gets them they do not satisfy him and he wants millions and still he is not satisfied; he wants more and more. If you give him your sympathy and service he is still unhappy; even all you possess is not enough, even your love does not help him, for he is seeking in a wrong direction, and life itself becomes a tragedy. Happiness cannot be bought or sold, nor can you give it to a person. Happiness in your own being, your own self, that self is the most precious thing in life. There is a great difference between real gold and false. It is the longing for true gold that makes man collect the imitation gold, ignorant that the real gold is within.
Search the sacred works of the world and you will find references to the blissful Happiness, whether it is called Word in the holy Bible, Kalma in the Muslim scriptures, Jyoti and Sruti or Naad in the Hindu scriptures, Sraosha in the Zoroastrian scriptures, Naam in the Sikh scriptures, or Baang-i-Asmaani in the Sufi scrip­tures, or many other terms in other religions. By merging in the divine Light within we will find eternal love, eternal happiness, and eternal peace. No doubt it is possible through constant Conscious of Inner Vision.

Subrahmanyam Kodavanti

Let us continue further: how to train and tame the mind so that one can lead a happy life.
One stays away from a man who hates him. Likewise every individual tries to avoid the company of angry and a person with stapedius character.
Even though man is a social animal he wants to live in the society with ease and happiness. In Telugu there is a proverb “santosham sagam balam”, means happiness is health. Another proverb “health is wealth” indicates that a healthy poor man is happy but a wealthy man with ill health is unhappy. The wealth and poor are external aspects. There is an inner happiness. When once a person is in contact with his inner happiness he does not bother whether he is wealthy or poor. The inner happiness is possible through conscious of inner vision.
There is another poem of Yogi Vamana:
Manasulona putta maya samsarambu
Manasu viriganeni maya tolagu
Manasu nilichaneni mahi tane Brahmambu
Visvadabhi Rama vinura vema.
It means that the misery and happiness are nothing but the creation of mind. By practicing detachment of the mind from the misery one can become a happy man. By stillness of mind the sadhaka or practitioner will become a saint.
The distinction of poor and wealth is the magic of the mind. It varies from person to person. A person with little income leads a happy life whereas another with the same income may not be happy. Like wise a person with more income also may or may not be in a happy state. One should come out of Maya (the magic of the mind) to know the reality. The stillness of mind is the only way to know the truth and he who observes and maintain the stillness of the mind can experience the Inner Vision, the inner consciousness. It is possible with the practice of forgetting the body consciousness. It is possible with the reduction of thoughts or even no thought. One has to practice first to minimize the thought force then to observe any one single thought.
A person is in a female role on the stage. For the audience he is female. Actually he is a male. Even though he knows it very well that he is a male he will try his level best to impress upon the audience that he is a female.
One will mentally upset and become mad with a number of thoughts. A wavering tendency will be created to his mind. With single thought or without thought one will be very happy.
There is another consciousness in the body quite different from the consciousness we are having. We have to cultivate and know, view, experience THAT consciousness using our intellect. The intellect is there only with humans. Other animal kingdom did not have the intellect at all.
To train the mind certain minimum precautions are required at the preliminary stages: Undisturbed place and time. Keep confidence to train the mind so that the person is going to lead a happy life, knowing or experiencing something special. Presume that he is going to experience some special happiness with which his life style, character patterns etc., are going to be changed. Assume that a turning point in his life is going to take place with this practice. By this practice one can keep his mind undisturbed as a result the mind is in a position of reduced thoughts. Conclude that he is pure at the present and free from all disturbances. He kept his mind in a happy state by compensating to all his past mistakes or if any such ill feelings left he is going to compensate suitably in due course so that he can keep his mind in pure serenity and undisturbed. His stomach is not over loaded and is fit to breathe freely etc., good norms to be created by the person according to his ability, confidence, time frame etc. When he is in a hurry to go out or in state of anxiety he better avoid such time. Each sitting should continue at least for a period not less than 10 to 15 minutes.
One has to sit at a convenient posture, keeping the spine erect. Let the thoughts come and go, need not bother. Breathe normally, and at times the breath may slow down. There is good friendly relationship between mind, breath and movement of eye brows. Control of any one of the three is necessary to receive a specific type of consciousness. The place between the eye brows is the preferable point to receive the consciousness. Pineal gland’s first focus transmits and emits light and vibrates waves at this place. A spiritual guide’s advice is necessary to avoid complications.
One has to tame and train the mind gradually, step by step to receive the inner consciousness.

Subrahmanyam Kodavanti

Conscious of Conscience:-
All the religious heads are enlightened souls. The common individual irrespective of religion, cast, creed etc. can become an enlightened one through a particular practice of single thought process. By the practice an individual will be transformed in to an enlightened one having contact with the INDWELLER, the Conscience or the Inner Vision. He will in due course in conscious of conscience.
The same experience has had been continuing right from the beginning of the human creation, in different religions with different names. Gradually by the experience, the person become pure, his behavioural patterns changed and he cannot perform, participate or encourage in any type of illegal or unlawful activities. He wanted to lead a peaceful and happy life and he never propose to indulge in corruption, terrorism like or related activities. The practice of Yoga came in to existence for this purpose only. Yoga is not performing asana or pranayama. It is a result of practice for perfection, the goal of human life, an experience of blissful and happy state, conscious of his indwelling conscience, Conscious of Inner Vision.
One may question whether this type of experience is possible in the present days, and for different behavioural patterns of individuals. The answer is yes. For this practice and the experience with which a vast change is possible in the character of an individual, one need not become a Gautama the Buddha, or Jesus Christ. The preliminary experience is sufficient, which according to sage Patanjali’s Yoga called Dharana, wearing the consciousness, the consciousness of different type that itself is conscience. This separate Consciousness is present in each individual and his first and foremost duty is to make it visible, visualise and experience. It is possible through constant Conscious of Inner Vision or Conscience.
“Nowadays many people want to cram their version of Truth down our throats, but there is no such thing as your version of Truth and my version of Truth because Truth is beyond relativity. Truth is one. It cannot be relative because if it were relative, it would not be Truth. Truth must be Absolute. Truth is not academicians, politicians, or scientists dictate something to us. It is to understand and realize through practical experience. Truth exists within the realm of experience for those who have qualified themselves to taste it and live it.
The qualification is that one must be completely open. So how do we realize it? Since Truth is the very substance of existence itself, it cannot be that far away from us. Indeed, we are made of it. So how is it possible that we could ever not know it? The only reason we are not now realizing it is our stubborn desire to be in ignorance. The owl does not believe in the existence of the daytime because he always keeps his eyes closed to it. The sad reality is that we have come to our present position of suffering and ignorance. Our own foolish desire is tightly cling to Untruth. Since we are not currently equipped in our present illusion state to separate Truth from Untruth, we must therefore be fortunate to bless by someone who has realized the Truth. By the kindness of a self-realized soul, a fully enlightened spiritual master, we can reawaken that dormant enlightened consciousness, which is currently almost completely asleep within.”
It is a fact that the TRUTH IS CONSCIENCE AND CONSCIENCE IS TRUTH. There is no doubt about this. Conscience is an experience. It is nothing but the enlightenment. Conscience is the Transcendental Meditation. This is the standard definition to conscience and none can dare to oppose it. Each individual is in contact with his/her conscience every day during the deep sleep and otherwise one would become mad. After a good sleep one experience the happy state and can attend to his day-to-day activities with out any stress or strain. Unconscious meditation is sleep and wakeful sleep is meditation. If a person is disturbed means, he required rest, it is the advice if he take rest with out thoughts or have a good sleep for a while it is true he will regain his energy and attend to the rest of his work actively and accurately.
It is a fact that one can live with out food, but none can live without sleep. One cannot explain what is going on in the deep sleep. By reason, one can understand that he or she is receiving sufficient energy to maintain the day-to-day activities. When the person is not in a position to receive sufficient energy he is becoming sick. He is supposed to receive sufficient energy to get rid of the ill health. No medicines are required to him, who is in receipt of this special energy. One may call it a cosmic energy and the other may call it Divine Grace. The name may vary but the experience is the same.
If I remember right, I have explained that if a person fell on the road and became unconscious. By sprinkling water, he regained his consciousness. To experiencing the divine consciousness, one should unconscious of the body consciousness and then only he/she will be able to receive the super consciousness.
It is just like this: A person is going alone through a place where there is no scope of movement of any other human being. During many occasions, a person with courage and daring attitude also will be frightened of that loneliness.
Even small sound or movement of a dried leaf will no doubt enhance his fear. Yet times his body will shiver and to his eyes only darkness will prevail. During such circumstances, he will loose his body consciousness also. One cannot explain what is going on to his body. This happens due his fearful thoughts. Here also he is loosing his body consciousness. However, out of happiness if one happens to unconscious of his body consciousness, it is true that the person in no doubt will be able to contact with his conscience, visualize, or experience the Indwelling Bliss. This is possible through constant conscious of Inner Vision. It is all the magic of the mind and a high drama, there is no such boss/boss’s conscience or subordinate/subordinate’s conscience since conscience is the one and that is absolute.
As I have explained that it is the magic of mind, a person is accustomed to the circumstances and act accordingly. Even if he is, a good and moral binding person also supposed to respect and act according to Act of the land. One has to give respect to his duty and perform the assignment entrusted to him according to the law. He is a law-abiding citizen and supposes to perform his duty. If his mental condition did not permit him, he may give up the job and in search of a suitable job elsewhere. It is equally applicable to a person of any religion, cast or creed.
Ajna chakra is the location of the Third Eye. It is the conscience. When one establishes contact in the place between the eyebrows, he goes beyond all kinds of desire that motivate life and impel one to move in many directions. One now becomes one-pointed. Ida and pingala are time bound, up to the fifth chakra the yogi also is time bound, but as the Ida and pingala end here, the yogi moves into susumna, beyond time. Now he is in a state of non-dual consciousness.



“O M Y G O D !”
Kodavanti Subrahmanyam

Who are You, how are You and how old are You?
Where are You and what is Your date of birth?
What is your Mother tongue and who are your parents?
Do you have fluency of languages of the world?
What is your religion? Tell me, if You do not mind.

Are You a Graduate, Professor, Engineer or Philosopher?
Where is Your School? Is it on Earth or in Heaven?
Name the School and University; Teacher and professor
Do You have licence to drive on land, sea and air,
At least have learner licence? Tell me, if You do not mind.

Are You a vegetarian, non-vegetarian or non-eating saint?
Do You like sweet, hot, cool drink, hot drink or cocktail?
Are You free from all diseases or in need of medical advice?
Did You visit any hospital for heart and pulse check-up?
Health is wealth, a fact. Tell me, if You do not mind.

How much do You earn; how do You do, earning?
Daily, monthly, yearly or earning while learning?
Dollars, Dinars, Euros, Yens, Rupees, Riyals or what?
Your wage, currency and purchasing power, tell me
Are You a spend thrift? Tell me, if you do not mind.

Are You married, having children and grand children?
Are You having problems like your children and my children?
Are You living in a rented house, own a flat or Bungalow?
Is Your dwelling place fully furnished or un-furnished?
Having place to park? Tell me, if You do not mind.

Who are Your Bankers and what is Your account?
Do You have Credit Cards, Master and Visa cards?
Can You provide a Short Term Loan to any person?
Worry not, repayment, may be, in easy instalments,
I do not want that loan. Tell me, if you do not mind.

Do You have any thing, which untouched with money?
Give me that, purchase of which without money
This aspect of money is not coming to the minds of many
Kindly guide me; you have extraordinary, if any
In what way I can impress You. Tell me, if you do not mind!


                   E Y E OF H U R R I C A N E

E Y E  OF  H U R R I C A N E

Hurricane’s horror spread miles and miles
Hurry the people to move miles and miles
Worry the people no matter rich and poor
Bury’ hard-earned assets make them roar.

Hurricane’s mind always works on destruction
People’s mind is always works on construction
Hurricane shows no mercy of any religion
People always embrace of their own religion.

Surrounded by destruction, the eye is calm
Even spread over miles Cyclone’s eye is calm
Shy not to say human is also having such eye
Visible only to the enlightened, the Third Eye.

Third Eye is quiet and calm, no disturbance at all
Round around surrounded worries, care not at all
Greed, games of politics, desires do not care at all
Aground the mind to focus one or no thought at all.

Third eye is full of mercy lull the body with mercy
Skill is at will to kill the mind, view the full mercy
Vanish religious mind, banish thought force thee
View the THIRD EYE born like RISING SUN in thee.

Third Eye is the God, the spirit all in one
The happiness, enjoyment also all in one
The Bliss Eternal, turning point all in one
The Truth, the Sweet Fruit of life all in one.

Attitude changed, Ideas changed really a wonder
Work is changed, Worship is changed, a wonder
Look is changed, Luck is changed, what a wonder
Changed personality, is really a great wonder!

“O MY DEAR MIND, MIND YOURSELF”Subrahmanyam Kodavanti

O my dear mind if you don’t mind, mind yourself
It’s full of Super consciousness, bliss of your Self
A Lead Kindly Light, Lead the goal of your Self
Detachment Attachment, learn with ease yourself.

Detach body consciousness, know the art of bliss
Attach Inner Vision Consciousness, don’t miss
Death of thoughts O God! Bliss Eternal is assured
A bright spark tuned on to you, centres cured.

Burden of the body bundled to heaven, not hell
Misery of the mind also is not too late as well
Merger of the mind with the Devine a good will
Conscious sleep, beautiful boon with cosmic bell

Inward journey, the habit you deserve to lead
Good symptoms a proof you are in good mood
Location and vacation of centres a good deed
Calming down the mind always elderly heed

Happiness, Happy moods elevating henceforth
Sorrow, no question at all vanish thenceforth
Religion, politics, man made ones whence forth
Class and creed to care none at all to put forth

Beyond religion, no doubt but, flow with religion
A Golden River emerged really in every religion
All are saints, no doubt creators of each religion
Doubt not, the bliss with in, not to quit religion

A Master’s mind, no doubt to respect, a must
A Master’s wish, no doubt to lit lamp, a must
A Master’s Vision, no doubt, emerge its best
A Master, no doubt, guides thee till the last.

Rich and poor, no matter, who ever are thee
Your presence is a must to eliminate thee
Forgive and forget me, Golden Eye, O thee
A blissful motion, emerged to goodbye, thee

O God, what is your religion? I don’t know
O God, what is your profession? I don’t know
O God, What is your nativity? I don’t know
O God, What is your language? I don’t know
*** *** ***

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